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A good criminal defense attorney can identify any procedural errors that might have been made during your arrest. Gerald Mueller is a Columbia, Missouri, attorney who has extensive experience in defending those arrested for DWI. He will also provide you with effective negotiation with the prosecuting attorney to help achieve the best possible outcome of your charges.Gerald Mueller represents first time offenders as well as those who have repeat offenses. His first goal is to investigate the possibility of getting your charges dismissed. If that is not an option, he will look into possibly getting your charges reduced. Fighting DWI charges is not an easy process and it is vital that you hire an experienced DWI attorney such as Gerald Mueller to insure your rights are fully protected.

The law office of Gerald Mueller, LLC, handles all aspects of DWI cases including the following:

  • Criminal Charges
  • Administrative Hearings with the Department of Revenue
  • Drivers License Suspensions
  • Refusal to Undergo Field Sobriety Tests
  • Traffic Offenses